A weeks worth of fun!

No photo’s for this blog… I have reached my limit 😦

It’s  been a busy week!

Last weekend we were in Bolton, seeing family and friends and playing with snow… ending with a 10k race for me at Tatton Park… 4th female in a time of 40 mins 42 secs… pretty pleased  with that!!!

Back to the school routine on Monday… with the girls getting more and more excited each day as they await the weekend knowing they will be spending a night in Dave the camper!!

Our fingers were crossed we would anyway… Lilly had ear ache  earlier in the week and there was a stomach bug going round school… I warned the girls we wouldn’t go if any of us were ill… Evie answered with “Yes Lilly, I was ill, I went to hospital, I listened, I am now better!”. Sweet!

Evie this week has become obsessed with her bin and turning into the “bin troll”… basically putting the bin over her head and walking around tapping on the inside of the bin saying “knock knock knock”… there is no reasoning…

We did our usual classes… well most of them… we missed Gymnastics this week as we had a very special visitor make a massive effort to come  see us just for a day!

Jodie a special friend from wayyyyy back popped up from Daventry. We made pizzas, sprinkled her with a little bit of glitter, took her on a Bertie adventure and took a trip into town… stopping at “Brew and Brownie” for a quick brew and brownie! Was a lovely catch up!

We also tried a new healthy scone recipe… we will definitely be making this one again… was scrummy!!

Paleo Blueberry Scones

On one of the evenings we had a little chat around the dinner table about how your behaviour is seen by others and I gave Lilly an example of something she had done that may not be seen as good by others. Evie piped up with “Mummy, it’s not good to be angry, I don’t like angry,  I like happy”. Well, I got told didn’t I… by the way I wasn’t shouting, Evie just obviously didn’t like the topic and my tone! We asked her if she wanted to tell us something happy… Evie looked Chris up and down and finally said “Daddy… I like your fork!” Interesting choice!!!

A highlight of the week for the girls has to be the posting of their santa letters… it’s getting closer!!!

We made it to Saturday… and everyone was fighting fit!! Including me, after a mini night out with some of the other mum’s the night before!! So off we went on our adventure leaving Chris behind to have a night out with his mates.

We headed to Beverley where we met up with my parents, and brother with his family. We explored Beverley Westwood… we found a perfect little hideout with a tree swing and ALOT of fallen branches and sticks… Lilly gave Sarah and I the challenge of building a den with the help of our stick searchers Lilly, Evie, Lucy and George… I think we did a pretty good job… it was even big enough to just fit Lilly and Lucy in together!! Evie and George decided they needed a new adventure towards the end of the build… leading the Grandparents and Colin to a rather muddy puddle… new clothes were pretty quickly needed!!! Fun was had 🙂

Later we warmed up at Col’s and let the kids have a quick bike ride before heading to our campsite for the night, at Butt Farm Beverley. Home is where you park it… the girls settled in to my parents camper with their hot chocolate watching a christmas movie while I had the task of turning Dave into a cosy warm bed! The movie came to an end, Evie was exhausted and asking to go to Dave so she could sleep… perfect I thought… the excitement of sleeping in Dave changed the sleepy feeling into super excited! The girls were kitted out in PJ’s, fleecy onesie and thick socks… the socks were quickly abandoned once we got in Dave… and Lilly stripped her onesie off saying she was too hot (crazy!!) before she even fell asleep… Evie woke at 2am complaining she was too hot (mad!!) and asked to remove the kangaroo onesie!!! I, on the other hand, kept my thick socks on and my onesie over my PJ’s… I was just right!!

The night was a success… the girls are hardy little things and loved there winter camp out!

We met up with Col and co again the next morning for a swim, followed by fish and chips… with the unplanned blown fuse for Dave’s windscreen wipers thrown in to add to the fun!!

We’re now home, exhausted… and the girls ready and raring to go for another winter adventure!



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